Bingothon Charity Gaming For Pure Earth

Bingothon is an online gaming marathon hosted on speedrunslive that aims to benefit for Pure Earth, but with a little twist - we are entirely focused on bingos, a particular branch of speedrunning of which we aim to raise awareness within the community.

Bingothon Winter 2019 is not the first edition of the event - in December of 2018, the original “Bingothon” took place on the weekend of 1st to the 2nd of December on the Twitch channel of SpeedRunsLive, and raised over 600 US dollars that all went to Doctors Without Borders. Within those two days, we had 2 objectives: to raise money that goes to a good cause and for people, both runners and the audience, to have fun, to which this original event delivered beyond our expectations. And in May of 2019, we went even further by raising over 3000$ for Doctors Without Borders while also making lots memories with players and fans alike. And for this next event -and all future ones- this shall remain our philosophy, which we all hope will help in making the world a better place, both through charity, and pure entertainment.

What are Bingos?

A bingo functions with the use of a randomly generated card, with each field being an objective to fulfill, within the context of the game. When an objective is fulfilled, that part of the card is checked. In order to win a normal bingo, the player has to fill in either an entire row, an entire column, or an entire diagonal line within the card.
Now you know about the typical bingo format, but in large part to mix things up and enjoy new experiences, runners have created various other forms of bingo. These include, but are not limited to:


The goal of blackout is to achieve every goal on the bingo card. Since this can often take a lot of time, however, most of these kinds of bingos will be done co-operatively.


Instead of reaching one complete line, the goal of a double bingo is to achieve 2 lines first, while a triple bingo's goal is to reach 3 lines first.


The goal of lockout it to achieve 13 squares as quickly as possible. The gimmick, however, is that once a square has been obtained, the other player cannot obtain it, meaning they are "locked out".


Runners begin by picking squares they would like to achieve, in a snake draft order. The snake draft is begun by one runner that picks one goal, then they alternate in picking 2 until all goals are picked. The goal of this bingo is to complete all picked squares before the opponent. Given the odd number of squares, the last goal is often not completed or completed by both players.

Bingothon Staff

The team behind Bingothon is a group of volunteers who dedicate their free-time into it. Without these people Bingothon would not be how it is.

Founder, Main Organization, Schedule
Programming, Tech, Server Admin
Programming, Tech
Programming, Tech, Schedule

Assisting Organizers

These people are mainly helping out during the Marathon but also help with the preparation


Designers and Tech assistants

These people are the real MVPs of Bingothon. Without them everything would be nothing and very ugly to be honest. So check them out

Logo/Background Design
Help with the website
Help with the website

3rd Party Advisors

Some special shoutouts to these people for giving us some advice and helping us setting stuff up

Belthasar from SpeedRunsLive for letting us host on their channel and helping us with other stuff regarding this hosting
ESA Staff:
Zephyyrr and Zoton2 from ESA for helping us with some tech issues and providing support
TreZc0 from ZeldaSpeedRuns for giving us some technical advice and promoting in the ZSR community